Restricted Countries

Unfortunately traders are not allowed to use bybit from the following countries; United States of America, Québec, Singapore, Cuba, Crimea, Sevastopol, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Sudan and Mainland China.

You can check the actual updated list by bybit here.

What does restriction mean?

It means you are not allowed to login and trade from IP addresses of the countries in question. Since bybit does not have KYC requirement at sign up they can identify you only by your IP address. If you trade from one of the restricted countries they will give you some time to withdraw your funds and ban your account permanently.

I live in the USA and I want to trade. Is there a solution?

Bybit won’t allow you to use the platform, however there are a lot of traders from restricted countries especially from USA and UK. They use a VPN service to hide their actual location. We don’t recommend to do this of course but as long as you’re connected to the platform through VPN your location can’t be seen by bybit. The service can be downloaded to mobile, too, however it’s better using only desktop computers for the greater safety. Also better using an email address instead of your mobile number at sign up since mobile numbers also can be traced to countries.

What if I accidentally log-in from a restricted country without VPN?

If bybit notices you trade from one of the restricted countries you will get an email first. You will have some time to withdraw your funds and your account may get banned. In this case you won’t be able to use the platform with the same email address again.

What if I travel to one of these countries with bybit app installed on my phone?

In such cases we recommend to use VPN on your phone as long as you stay in those countries or just log out from bybit app and don’t trade.

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